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NAVINTERFACE CO., LTD. is sole subsidiary of Cartizan group. It is ISO9001 certified Chinese manufacturer specialized in multimedia video interface and provides total solution of automotive infotainment add-on upgrading. Our video interface products are specially designed for export market. Our dedicated and experienced engineering team supports OEM/ODM projects and offers cost-effective and high performance solutions based on specific regional market needs. Our products follow strict reliability testing, 100% aging testing and outgoing inspection. All our products are covered 1 year warranty and free EXW sample exchange and return. Our multimedia video interfaces allow connecting additional video input devices such as rear view cameras, 360 panoramic, DVR, etc. on factory OEM monitor and A/V inputs for Digital TV, Mirror link interface box, DVD receiver, etc. Built-in firmware supports displaying vehicle On-Board Diagnostic System information on OEM monitor. The connected additional...

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