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Car rearview imaging performance

Car reversing image system, after years of development, from simple of reversing radar system to Visual reversing image system, has achieved has from original light listening to voice to identify to video Visual of, regardless of from performance Shang, intuitive Shang, also is using effect Shang, are is into has historic of real broken, regardless of from structure and appearance Shang, also is from performance price Shang, now of reversing image system products are the has features, the system let reversing Shi, car Hou of status more intuitive visual, for reversing security for is very practical of configuration one of. When hanging reverse gear, and the system will automatically power up is located in the rear of the LCD reversing camera, car status clearly displayed on the LCD screen let you grasp the rear road, reverse as easily as a forward, confident. Clearly, reverse image monitoring system compared to the full range of reversing radar is more intuitive and practical. Reversing radar is to rely on ECHO detection range and prompted by different frequencies of sound, but the sound alone is clearly not more intuitive visual and sound judgement will error. Can't detect a pit on the ground, only Visual car rearview imaging system can be directly seen.

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