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Features of the modern interior space interface

Modern indoor space is by interface surrounding collection and into of, that by synthesis indoor empty asked of end of surface (floor, and ground), and side (wall surface, and partition) and top surface (flat-topped, and ceiling) composition, and people using and feel indoor space, but usually directly see even touch to of is for interface entity, is located in space top Department of flat-topped and ceiling, called top interface, bit dry space lower of floor surface, ground, called end of interface, is located in space four week of wall, and partition and column Gallery, called side interface.

, Modern interior space features of the interface, as well as principles to be followed:

Office decoration, various types of interfaces in use each have their own features.

1. Modern interior space features of the various types of interface

(1) the bottom surface (ground): wear-resistant, non-slip, easy to clean, anti-static, etc;

(2) sides (walls, partitions): high sound insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation requirements;

(3) top (flat roofs, ceilings): lightweight, high light reflectivity, high sound insulation, sound absorption, heat preservation, insulation requirements.

2. Modern interior space interface decoration design, should follow the following guidelines:

Principle one: safe, reliable, substantial application. Office decoration must be seriously addressed in the design of safe and reliable, with application problems. Due to the interface with the parts most directly exposed to the atmosphere, more or less under the influence of factors such as physical, chemical, mechanical, and may thus reduce the white male and durability. The quality of not only concerns the use of space, or even related to the lives and property of the people. Therefore, modern interior space interface decoration materials tend to have high waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, shock-proof, acid-proof, alkali, and sound absorption, sound insulation, thermal insulation and other features. Shipped in the decorating process often paint, wall paper, covering methods of root

According to different functional properties of indoor space using the appropriate materials to be protected, not only to comply with safe, reliable, and substantial applicable principles and material contrast indoor environment through the corresponding interface.

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