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General system interfaces with the Nehalem EX processor research and development plan

According to relevant information, Bull intends to develop a series of covers the Itanium processor and Xeon chipset has been a practice for many years. Intel announced that it would deliver an Itanium and Xeon processor-common system interface (Common System Interface,CSI)--which is known as QPI technology--the news again inspired Bull of the plan.

QPI provided between processors, memory and I/O bandwidth and point to point connectivity, existing previous Xeon Nehalem EP chips and processors, as well as the Montvale Itanium processors with front side bus compared, this technology not only for higher speeds, and it is more convenient to use.

Latest roadmap is Bull released during the summer of 2006, when the first quad-core Itanium processors with QPI in theory to be released. Bull's plan is to use their own Fame d more than four boards based on the Intel E8870 Chipset be integrated together to allow devices to extend to eight or more.

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