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Navigation tips

1. after the end of the shutdown sequence to follow: to close the page, then shut down, and finally pull the plug. Some owners of convenience used up directly pull the plug, never shut down, this is easy, but a long time easy to damage the electronic components.

2. the machine is three times the best charging about 10 hours before use, allow the battery to maximize storage capacity.

3. start the car, then plug the cigarette lighter power. Navigation after the unplug the cigarette lighter, car and plug in again next time, for this will help protect the machine batteries to extend battery life.

4. don't let the navigation screen touch sharp objects.

5. portable navigation prolonged exposure in the Sun, large temperature differences not only affect navigation but also affect the battery life of the LCD screen touch-sensitive. Use up best at the end, not in a conspicuous location on the vehicle, so catch the thief.

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