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General Overview Of The System Interface

Common system interface (CSI) is a family of interconnection interfaces, it will simply change Intel's entire performance products, CSI will replace the front side bus and be able to compare favourably with AMD's HyperTransport.

Common system interface (CSI) was designed to be integrated memory controllers and distributed shared memory. "From the Tukwila--1 Itanium processors and Nehalem-11 was launched in 2008 with enhanced derived processor Core microarchitecture-start, common system interface (CSI) may be expected to be used in almost all future Intel system's internal structure. "[1]

Core I7 (core I7) consists of Core series processor (processor core) and the Uncore (processor core), Core consists of four processor cores and L1,L2 caches, Uncore includes QPI bus controller, memory controller and L3 cache. In order to distinguish between markets, Core I7 920 Core I7 940 QPI bus is reduced to 4.8GT/s, and the Core I7 Extreme Edition 965 6.4GT/s.

As successor of the core schema, Nehalem can be said to stand on the shoulders of giants. Both adhering to the core architecture of efficient assembly line design and sophisticated manufacturing process experience, and based on the lack of perfect duo and make more breakthroughs. Performance leap than the duo of Nehalem rose even more, and its landmark revolutionary design that might affect or even lead the trend of future multi-core processors.

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