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GM Interface Extensive Application

With the rapid development of new technologies in computer science and technology, GM Interface industrial control and so on, the use of computer monitoring system and field PLC equipment for data exchange has been widely used. This type of data exchange often has the following characteristics, GM Interface the amount of data, collection points scattered, narrow bandwidth. As the different manufacturers of PLC field devices provided by the communication mechanism is not the same, the computer monitoring system software needs to develop the equipment communication driver is more and more. GM Interface The development of this complex device driver has the following characteristics:

First of all, the upper monitoring system and PLC equipment data exchange between the more common.

Secondly, this data communication process, the lack of a common framework design, GM Interface development cycle is long, difficult, difficult to use.

In addition, there is an urgent need for a large increase in channel utilization in the case of low channel utilization, poor system efficiency, and unstable conditions under limited bandwidth constraints. GM Interface And in the existing data exchange standards, for the limited bandwidth of the channel utilization rate is not mature design.

The development of PLC equipment common data communication interface has a wide range of application prospects and realize the value. This paper mainly analyzes the data communication between the supervisory control system and the PLC equipment, introduces the method of driving the PLC equipment, GM Interface and provides examples of PLC communication.

Generally speaking, GM Interface a manufacturer of the same series of PLC products, communication protocols are generally the same. The difference lies only in the fact that some of the registers are of different sizes. So we can consider this series of devices can use the same drive. In order to improve the versatility, at the same time under normal circumstances, users do not need to use all the registers, GM Interface so the device components of the channel design can be configured in the user to define their own. All channels and their corresponding parameters (ie, register addresses) are defined by the user themselves. The driver communicates according to user-defined information. GM Interface And PLC which may have some parameters of the user is not commonly used, if the composition of the channel, each collection cycle to communicate, efficiency is relatively low, GM Interface taking into account this situation, we provide a number of external interfaces for monitoring system calls, in these interfaces Can send commands to support all register channels.

The analysis of different manufacturers of PLC equipment can also be found, GM Interface the communication process and protocol can be abstracted, extract their common points and change points, encapsulation and hidden data exchange process details, to achieve a common purpose. Through the packaging format, GM Interface standard code, unified interface, improve the efficiency of drive development, reduce the difficulty of driving the development. Improve the reusability of the code, enhance the stability of the drive, GM Interface reduce the design prone to errors. So that developers focus on the familiarity of the equipment and the analysis of the agreement, rather than too much entangled in the realization of the minutiae.

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