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GM Interface Interface Request

GM Interface This module is responsible for the entire interface security level. For the interface security, especially the client interface, is directly exposed to the entire Internet,GM Interface we must first ensure that no one will be impersonated request our interface data. GM Interface Often used is the signature verification, in the interface outside the normal data transmission, GM Interface the transfer of additional agreed encryption signature information, etc., to filter the unauthorized interface request.

Because of our home console headphone jack ground shrapnel are more outside, so the use of four-pole interface American standard mobile phone headset, GM Interface listening to music may be like listening to karaoke accompaniment, only music no voices.

Only hold down the answer button is normal (press and hold the answer key is equivalent to the MIC with the ground short circuit, GM Interface so that the headphones section 3 and 4 have become ground, GM Interface so outside the headset socket ground shrapnel can But the three-pole interface of the headphones of the third section of the ground metal surface is relatively large, equivalent to quadrupole interface headphones section 3 and section 4 of the sum of the area of this large area of the ground Can fully contact with our machine socket ground shrapnel full contact, so when we use the use of home music machine in listening to music when using the three-level interface headset can avoid the above incompatibility problem. That is, GM Interface we use the three-level interface headphones, GM Interface whether in the national standard or American standard equipment used, will not appear in listening to music as listening to karaoke accompaniment, only music no voices of this problem.

Also for most of the headset plug, the middle of the American Standard three isolation insulation, are generally white. The national standard in order to be different, GM Interface are generally black, most of which can be identified by this method.

With the rapid development of new technologies in computer science and technology, industrial control and so on, the use of computer monitoring system and field PLC equipment for data exchange has been widely used. This type of data exchange often has the following characteristics, the amount of data, GM Interface collection points scattered, narrow bandwidth. As the different manufacturers of PLC field devices provided by the communication mechanism is not the same, computer monitoring system software needs to develop the equipment communication driver is more and more. The development of this complex device driver has the following characteristics:

First of all, GM Interface the upper monitoring system and PLC equipment, data exchange between the more common.

Second, GM Interface this data communication process, the lack of a common framework design, development cycle is long, difficult, difficult to use.

Furthermore, GM Interface in the case of large data transmission under limited bandwidth constraints, there is an urgent need for a significant improvement in channel utilization in applications where channel utilization is low, system efficiency is poor, and unstable. GM Interface And in the existing data exchange standard, for the limited bandwidth conditions, the channel utilization is not mature design.

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