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GM Interface Interface Technical Requirements

GM Interface China is the most used mobile phone country, mobile phone users more than 700 million, China is also a big country for mobile phone production, if China's mobile phone charger standard unified, and promote the role of the world. "Mobile phone charging / data interface standard", that is, GM Interface the industry said YD / T1591-2006 standard, promulgated on December 14, 2006, the full name of "mobile communication handheld charger and interface technology requirements and test methods" Society on the unified mobile phone charger loud voice of the case, which lasted four years. This standard, GM Interface the end of the mobile phone charger by the mobile phone business decision-making, charger style so many changes in the phone after the charger often "forced out" situation. This standard specifies the mobile phone charger with "power adapter + cable + mobile phone," the three-stage structure, GM Interface which in turn unified the charger side interface, making the first time to achieve a universal mobile phone charger. The phone can also be connected by cable to a computer or other device.

According to the information, GM Interface Bull plans to develop a series of Itanium-based processors and Xeon processor chipset has been practiced for many years. Intel announced that it would deliver a plan for Bull to re-trigger the news that a Common System Interface (CSI), which is known as QPI technology, for the Itanium and Xeon processors.

QPI provides high bandwidth and peer-to-peer connectivity between processors, memory and I / O, with Xeon processors prior to existing Nehalem EP chips and front-side bus architectures for existing Montvale Itanium processors Than this technology is not only faster, but also more convenient to use.

The latest roadmap is Bull released in the summer of 2006, when the first in theory using QPI quad-core Itanium processor is about to release. Bull's plan is to use their own Fame D chipset will be based on the Intel E8870 more than four integrated motherboards together, GM Interface so that equipment can be extended to eight or even higher.

2006's revised plan calls for Intel to ship quad-core Tukwila Itanium processors in mid-2008 - which is clearly not implemented - and using the latest Fame 2G chipset as the primary for four, eight- or larger devices chipset. Interestingly, Bull's Fame 2G chipset program is based on Intel's future Xeon processor.

At the beginning of 2007, GM Interface Bull updated their chipset and server development roadmap, which also reflected a change in Intel's roadmap from one side, and even the recently delayed release of Tukwila Itanium processors until 2010 The first quarter.

QPI technology that should have appeared in earlier Xeon processors is in place and will soon be used in the 2009 version of the Nehalem EX processor Beckton

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