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GM Interface Rapid Development

With the rapid development of new technologies in computer science and technology, GM Interface industrial control and so on, the use of computer monitoring system and field PLC equipment for data exchange has been widely used. This type of data exchange often has the following characteristics, GM Interface the amount of data, GM Interface collection points scattered, narrow bandwidth. As the different manufacturers of PLC field devices provided by the communication mechanism is not the same, computer monitoring system software needs to develop the equipment communication driver is more and more. The development of this complex device driver has the following characteristics:

Furthermore, GM Interface in the case of large data transmission under limited bandwidth constraints, there is an urgent need for a significant improvement in channel utilization in applications where channel utilization is low, system efficiency is poor, and unstable. GM Interface And in the existing data exchange standard, for the limited bandwidth conditions, the channel utilization is not mature design.

MCGS PLC has been serial communication communication baud rate settings and other functions integrated into the serial port parent device, so the PLC device driver is as MCGS monitoring software device management window provided by the sub-device. It can use the parent device's communication function, that is, GM Interface with other devices can share the parent device communication function. As a result of the use of serial PLC equipment more, here we use the serial communication mode PLC as an example to illustrate the PLC common drive architecture development. GM Interface This PLC drive architecture is also applicable if you are using a custom programming cable or using an Ethernet connection.

The use of serial communication between the PLC and the host computer communication, there are RS232, RS485, RS422 a variety of ways. If the device is RS232 communication, then in a serial port can only mount a device. If you use RS485 or RS422 way of communication, GM Interface then you can use multiple devices to form a network, GM Interface in this network, in order to identify the different devices, to each device with a sign, in general, this symbol called the device address The The devices on this bus are divided into two types: master and slave devices. At work, the slave has been monitoring the data on the communication line and analyzing the data.GM Interface  When the request is received, a corresponding acknowledgment frame is sent.GM Interface The master device sends a request frame to the slave device as needed, requests some data, or sends a command. The master device waits for a reply from the device after the request frame. The waiting process has a time-out limit. If after a certain period of time has not received an answer, it will think that this communication failure, and then in accordance with certain logic to determine whether it should re-send the request or give up.

Communication using the communication protocol, divided into ASCII communication and hexadecimal communication two categories. Most of the PLC's communication protocols use hexadecimal communication. GM Interface And in the serial communication, in order to ensure the correctness and integrity of the communication, usually in the end of the communication frame with the calibration, GM Interface common and calibration, XOR checks, CRC checks and so on.

In the communication process, the host computer MCGS monitoring software calls the PLC driver, GM Interface according to the specific agreement, GM Interface to the PLC device to send the register read and write commands, and receive response data.

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