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GM Interface Rise And Development

GM Interface In this paper, a new universal interface of wireless sensor is designed aiming at the current situation of different kinds of sensors and inconsistent interfaces in IoT. The interface consists of a signal processing circuit, a Bluetooth chip, a power supply and a wireless RF circuit, GM Interface which features small volume, Plug and Play, and low power consumption. The signal sampled by the interface is transmitted to the data collector or cloud server via Bluetooth and is displayed in real-time on the interface. The general interface can be used in the field of industrial, intelligent home, building monitoring and other occasions for the current, voltage, switching volume and serial form of sensor signal processing. The design scheme of the general interface is given. The test results show that the interface can effectively process the sensor signal and achieve the desired target.

With the rise and development of the concept of IoT [1], the universal sensor interface has become an important research field in the sensor network. GM Interface New sensing techniques are emerging in the field of signal processing, digital communication and local intelligence expansion, which puts forward more and more high processing requirements for various kinds of sensor signals. The technology of microelectronics, semiconductor and wireless communication is becoming more and more mature, and the trend of integrating information collection, data processing and wireless transmission into the sensor is realized. The development of the Internet of things in our country presents a good development trend, however, there are some problems in sensor interface, GM Interface such as complex variety, difficulty in maintenance or replacement, and poor compatibility of sensor interface. In order to shorten the development time and reduce the risk, it is urgent to develop the common sensor interface with low cost and high performance in the background of the increasingly popularization of IoT applications.

In the area of wireless transmission, Bluetooth has a great foundation for personal computers and mobile terminals, compared with the active emerging technologies of ZigBee and WiFi. GM Interface The latest Bluetooth 4.2 protocol provides government-level privacy and information security, 2.5 times times the rate of transmission, supports IPV6 Internet connection, and is suitable for applications in the field of IoT, especially in smart home industry.

The universal interface of wireless sensor design based on Bluetooth 4.2 protocol belongs to the field of wireless communication and electrician electronics, its application scenario is shown in Figure 1, which consists of nodes, data collector, Bluetooth 4.2 wireless sensor network Toble 2WORKLE4.2WSN, router and cloud. Each node contains sensors, signal interface circuit, Bluetooth chip, power and wireless RF

The data acquisition system composed of signal interface circuit, power supply, Bluetooth chip and wireless RF circuit is called wireless sensor interface. The signal interface circuit can handle various types of sensor signals. Each node transmits the sampled data periodically to ble 4.2 WSN through routers, support for 6LoWPAN or Bluetooth 4.2 access points. The Data collector can access ble 4.2 WSN or cloud to set the parameters of the interface.

The signal processing of the sensor is a core component in the design of wireless sensor Universal interface. Need to consider the practical needs of the application, but also to consider the cost, feasibility and other factors. Consult the relevant literatures, design the current, voltage, switch and serial communication circuits for the interface.

In industrial applications, GM Interface the general sensor converts physical quantities into current outputs. In view of the standard output of the instrumentation as $number Ma Current, the circuit is designed as shown in Fig. 3 to convert the current to voltage. Among them, the sensor through the port Cn1 in Fig. 3 and CN2 Access, select INA214 chip, its internal amplifier gain of 100. Change resistance R1 resistance can change the output voltage Vout range, through the Bluetooth chip in A/D conversion can measure the input current size. The Power is a sensor power supply and Vccio is an interface power supply.

In daily life, industrial site or buildings, such as the scene, often encountered such as relays, proximity switches, in order to detect the state of the switch, the use of the circuit shown in Fig. 4.

The S2 represents the sensor output, the single pole double throw switch S1 can choose the power supply flexibly by the contact point 1 or 3. Select Optocoupler such as 4N25 to achieve electrical isolation, MCU I/O representative microcontroller pin input. When the switch S2 disconnect, the MCU I/O output is a logic high level, and when S2 is closed, the MCU I/O output is a logic low level. The microcontroller can judge the logic state of the switching volume S2 only by reading the I/O pin status.

In order to facilitate the use of the IoT, the internal 6 v battery and external power supply are designed in two ways. To ensure that microprocessors and peripherals work properly, a stable voltage is required.

Where DC is the external 7 40 v power supply access port, after Lm2576s step-down output 5 V voltage as Vccio, used for signal interface circuit, D2, D4 as diode, for internal battery and external power switch; Ap733 chip for low-power voltage regulator circuit, step-down output 3.3 V as the Bluetooth chip voltage VCC; BT1 represents the battery.

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