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GM Interface Test

First sure to ensure that the interface function is so good, that is, through the normal test, according to the interface document parameters, normal incoming, GM Interface whether it can return the correct results.

Now there is an operation of the product interface, there is a field type, pass 1 on behalf of the modified goods, commodity id, product name, the price is a must pass, type 2 when the deletion of goods, commodity id is necessary , This is necessary to measure the combination of parameters, type pass 1, only the name of the product can only be modified successfully, id, name, the price can be passed when the change can be successful.

1), around the verification, for example, to buy a commodity, it is the price of 300 yuan, GM Interface then I am in the order, I put the price of this commodity into 3 yuan, the back does not do validation, more ruthless, I changed the money to -3, is not my balance but also increased?

2), bypassing the authorization, for example, GM Interface to modify the product information interface, it must be the seller to modify, then I pass an ordinary user, can not modify the success, I pass a other seller can not modify the success

3), parameters are encrypted, for example, I log on the interface, user name and password is not encrypted, if not encrypted, then someone else to intercept your request, GM Interface you can get to your information, encryption rules are easy to crack.

 4), password security rules, the complexity of the password check

Interface testing is a test of the interface between test system components. The interface test is mainly used to detect the interaction between external systems and systems and between internal subsystems. The focus of the test is to check the data exchange, transfer and control management process, and the logical relationship between the system and so on.

Interface is often developed in the mouth, GM Interface in the development process everywhere, but for the test staff, it is so hazy, invisible colorless and tasteless, difficult to touch. I believe this is also a type of test that the tester is more difficult to understand. Most of the information in the query is a bunch of vague concepts.

1, check whether the data returned by the interface is consistent with the expected results.

2, check the interface fault tolerance, GM Interface if the type of data transmission error can be handled. For example, the above example is to support the integer, the transfer of the decimal or string?

3, the boundary value of the interface parameters. For example, GM Interface if the passed parameters are large enough or negative, the interface can handle it normally.

4, the performance of the interface, the interface data processing time is also a test method. Involving the internal is the algorithm and code optimization.

5, the interface security, if it is an external interface, this is particularly important.

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