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GM Interface Use Case Design

First sure to ensure that the interface function is so good, that is, through the normal test, according to the interface document parameters, normal incoming, whether it can return the correct results.

Now there is an operation of the product interface, GM Interface there is a field type, pass 1 on behalf of the modified goods, commodity id, product name, the price is a must pass, type 2 when the deletion of goods, commodity id is necessary , This is necessary to measure the combination of parameters, type pass 1, only the name of the product can only be modified successfully, id, name, GM Interface the price can be passed when the change can be successful.

1), around the verification, GM Interface for example, to buy a commodity, it is the price of 300 yuan, then I am in the order, I put the price of this commodity into 3 yuan, the back does not do validation, more ruthless, I changed the money to -3, is not my balance but also increased?

2), bypassing the authorization, for example, to modify the product information interface, it must be the seller to modify, then I pass an ordinary user, can not modify the success, GM Interface I pass a other seller can not modify the success

3), parameters are encrypted, for example, I log on the interface, user name and password is not encrypted, if not encrypted, then someone else to intercept your request, you can get to your information, encryption rules are easy to crack.

4), password security rules, GM Interface the complexity of the password check

Abnormal, that is, I do not follow the requirements of your interface documentation input parameters to verify the interface on the abnormal situation of the check. For example, the required parameters are not filled, enter the integer type, the incoming string type, the length is 10, GM Interface pass 11, in short, is how you say how, I do not how, in fact, these three Non-pass, parameter type, length of entry.

According to the business logic to design, GM Interface is based on their own business to design the use case, the company's business is not the same, you have to look at their own specific business, GM Interface in fact, this is also the same test function design and use cases. For example, take bbs, bbs demand is this:

1, login failure 5 times, GM Interface you need to wait 15 minutes after the login

2, the new registered users need to have an internship to post

3, delete the post deduction points

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