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Lexus Car Interior Configuration Overview

RX 350 interior design rendering out quite future sense of avant-garde style: deep of light electronic instrument disc (OLED) Shang, Ying white of glow pointer tie secluded blue of backlight more clear easy read; innovation of non-symmetric in the control Taiwan design abandoned has traditional of symmetric type shield shaped design, is more fine and smart; in the control Taiwan many of function control button was a Remote Touch information operating system replaced, brings unprecedented of fashion technology sense ; Vehicles at the same level in the full size panoramic sunroof effectively enhanced the car's sense of space and freedom; the rear seats can be easily down by lever ratio of 40:20:40, creating a variety of storage space – a new design philosophy perspective L-Finesse, RX 350 presents the landmark progressive and forward-looking sense of Visual impact.

Lexus RX350 interior lighting system: aluminium lighting foot door panel: optical electronic instrument panel: electronic digital odometer and trip meter dual mode: electronic digital quartz clock: leather seats:

8 to electric can adjustable front seat with waist support and the heating (driving seats with memory function): Chair back and door side storage real bags: driving seats Cup frame: with Cup frame of Qian, and Hou handrails box: 40/20/40 separation type back seat: leather document put and leather wood ornaments steering wheel: luggage box cover real cover (can automatically recovered): anti-glare light within rearview mirror: 12 v power interface (2 a): metal surface within decorative Board: metal surface document put and leather steering wheel

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