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MINI Interface Define

MiniUSB, also called mini USB, it is a standard USB interface, USB is the abbreviation of English UniversalSerialBUS, Chinese meaning is "universal serial bus (USB)", is to transfer data between PC and digital devices and the development of technology.Standard USB, MiniUSB, and MicroUSB are the most common USB ports.Compared with standard USB, MiniUSB is smaller and is suitable for small electronic devices such as mobile devices.

The interface definition

Mini USB A, B connector and its contact (not drawn to scale) Mini USB connector contact feature

1 VBUS (4.4 5.25 V)

2 D -

3 D +

4 ID

5 grounding

The id foot is only used in otg function.Due to mini - A, B and AB interface, mini usb interface.If your system is only used as slave, then use B interface, the system controller will judge ID foot level to judge what kind of equipment is inserted, if it is A high, is the joint B inserted, the system will make decision model, if the ID is low, is to insert A interface, and then the system will use HNP dialogue agreement to decide which to do the Master, slave which do

OTG is an abbreviation of on-the - Go, that is, The OTG technique is to implement data transfer from device to device without Host.It is mainly used in the connection between various devices or mobile devices for data exchange.For example, the digital camera connects directly to the printer and connects the USB port between the two devices through OTG technology, and immediately prints out the photos.It can also be used to send data from a digital camera through an OTG to a USB port. In the wild, there is no need to carry an expensive memory card or carry a portable computer.

Mini USB is the same as standard USB except for the fourth one.The fourth needle becomes the ID, connecting to the 5th needle on the mini-a, and the mini - B can be suspended and connected to the fifth.

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