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MINI Interface Different Components Of The System

MINI Interface is the engagement of different components of the software system. Because of the increasing size of software in recent years, MINI Interface it is often necessary to divide complex systems into small components, and the design of programming interfaces is very important. In the practice of program design, the programming interface should be designed to make the responsibility of the software system reasonably divided. MINI Interface Good interface design can reduce the interdependence of each part of the system, improve the cohesion of the constituent unit, reduce the coupling degree between the components, and improve the maintainability and expansibility of the system.

The application interface is: "The computer operating system (keyboard-based systems)" or the ' library ' provides the code used by the application call. " MINI Interface The main purpose is to enable application developers to invoke a set of routine features without having to consider the details of their underlying source code or understanding their internal working mechanisms. The API itself is abstract, and it defines only one interface, not the specific actions of the application in the actual implementation process.

For example, a set of APIs in a graphics library defines how pointers are drawn and can be displayed on a graphics output device. When the application MINI Interface requires pointer functionality, it can be linked to this set of APIs at reference, compile time, and the runtime invokes the implementation (library) of this API to display the pointer.

The application interface is a set of thousands, extremely complex functions and secondary programs that allow programmers to do many tasks, such as "Reading files," "Displaying menus," "Displaying pages in Windows", MINI Interface and so on. The operating system APIs can be used to allocate storage or read files. Many system applications are implemented by API interfaces, such as graphics systems, databases, MINI Interface Web services, and even online games.

There are many different designs for application interfaces. Interfaces for fast execution typically include functions, constants, variables, and data structures. There are other ways, such as using an interpreter or providing an abstraction layer to mask the information associated with the API implementation, ensuring that the code that uses the API does not need to be changed to accommodate the change.

APIs are traditionally written for C and C + + programmers who develop Windows applications, but other programming languages, including VBA, can invoke functions in DLLs. Because most DLLs are written and collated primarily for C and C + + programmers, the method of calling DLL functions differs MINI Interface from calling VBA functions. You must understand how to pass parameters to a DLL function when using the API.

Warning calling the Windows API and other DLL functions can adversely affect your application. When you invoke DLL functions directly from your own code, you bypass some of the security mechanisms that VBA typically provides. If an error occurs when you define or call a DLL function (all programmers are unavoidable), you may cause application errors (also known as universal protection errors, or GPF) in your application. The best solution is to save the project before running the code and make sure that you understand the principle of DLL function invocation.

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