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MINI Interface More Adaptable

The back of the interface area is not very obvious divided into two layers, the upper left to right, respectively, for the power switch, MINI Interface cooling holes, security keyhole and audio input and audio output. While the old Mac mini upper interface only power switch, cooling holes and security keyhole. Next, we moved our attention to the lower area, which is the biggest difference between the new Mac mini and the old Mac mini. The new Mac mini lower interface from left to right followed by the power interface, MINI Interface RJ45 interface, FireWire800, Mini-DVI, Mini-DispalyPort and five USB2.0 interface side by side. The old version of the Mac mini from the left to the right of the interface are the power interface, RJ45 interface, RJ11 interface, MINI Interface DVI interface, USB × 2, FireWire400 and audio output. From the 09 new version of the Mac mini interface is not difficult to see, Mini-DVI and Mini-DispalyPort dual interface can support dual display display, this is compared with the old version is also a breakthrough.

09 new Mac mini accessories is very simple, only comes with a random power adapter and Mini-DVI to DVI adapter, compared with the old version of the remote control, which allows users to use the process in the less convenient.

Power adapter is still dressed in white, MINI Interface both sides are etching the Apple Logo, in the hands of full weight. Mac mini adapter with a 100V ~ 240V wide voltage design, which makes the Mac mini more adaptable to meet the needs of users in different countries and regions, to avoid the trouble of buying a separate converter.

Mac mini adapter interface with a plug-in design, MINI Interface compared with the Mac Book Air adsorption design, this way is clearly more secure.

As a result of the dual video output interface (DVI + DisplayPort), Mac mini in a limited space can only take Mini DVI + Mini DisplayPort, so that the adapter adapter connected to the device at the same time does not affect the use of other interfaces.

The new version of the Mac mini configuration is still Core 2 family of processors, but the P7350, whether from the frequency, cache or front side bus than the previous generation of products have a qualitative improvement. 2GB DDR3 memory even to deal with Vista system has been enough, MINI Interface 320GB hard drive to achieve the current mainstream level. In the 09 new version of the Mac mini upgrade is the most eye-catching is its GPU upgrade, from the Intel GMA950 integrated graphics leap to the integrated Geforce 9400M 256MB graphics card.

Mac mini host weighs only 1.265Kg, plus the total weight of the power adapter and the adapter is 2.043Kg. Such a weight even some of the notebook is also discouraged, MINI Interface in the desktop field is even more enemies.

As a result of the Geforce 9400M alone with the Intel P7350 2.0GHZ dual-core processor configuration, 09 Mac mini performance improvement performance is quite prominent. MINI Interface In order to better reflect the real performance of the Mac mini, we in addition to Mac OS Xbench test, the Mac mini will be re-installed Vista system and Vista under a series of routine testing. First look at the 09 new version of the Mac mini and 07 old Mac mini in the Xbench results comparison.

Xbench1.3 from the test results, the new version of the Mac mini compared with the old version of the overall performance of 23% increase, MINI Interface while the graphics performance and memory performance were increased by 55% and 73%, in this test to enhance the most Obviously undoubtedly Core 2 P7350, MINI Interface compared with the previous generation performance improvement of more than 100%.

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