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MINI Interface Requires Higher

Communication management machine for the embedded host CPU interface resources are high, often need to expand the communication interface through a variety of ways; the same time, MINI Interface power communication equipment, the working environment is more complex, MINI Interface for the isolation of anti-jamming performance rigid demand. But according to the conventional design, the use of discrete isolated DC-DC, signal isolation, transceiver, protection circuit designed interface isolation circuit occupied PCB area, a wide range of material procurement, MINI Interface it is not easy to test the performance of the communication interface The

Because MPM's RS-485 supports automatic flow control, it means that only TXD, RXD to complete the RS-485 communication. Therefore, the MPM products RS-232 and RS-485 UART port cross-connect, that is, MINI Interface to support RS-232 into RS-485, while RS-232 and RS-485 between the same with a complete electrical isolation, for debugging serial port, Isolation bus interference and other applications is very convenient

Interface testing is a test of the interface between test system components. Interface testing is mainly used to detect external systems and systems and internal subsystems between the interaction points. The focus of the test is to examine the data exchange, transfer and control management processes, MINI Interface and the logical dependencies between systems, etc.

A) the rapid development of the Internet, MINI Interface the company's internal system or associated with external systems more and more, MINI Interface a business process associated with multiple back-end systems, their association is based on the interface to achieve, interface testing can be complex system Simplified, as long as each interface to do a good job to test the quality of the system.

B) whether a single system change will affect the associated business system, and it is difficult to cover the relevant application system with conventional test aspects (for example, MINI Interface there are N external systems that do not have a functional compatibility test) ,MINI Interface  But through the coverage of the interface function to verify whether it affects the call to the interface.

C) interface function is relatively simple, MINI Interface can be better to test coverage, but also relatively easy to achieve continuous integration of automation, can reduce the cost of manual return and time, shorten the test cycle.

D) interface relative to the interface function,MINI Interface  will be more at the bottom of the test coverage will be easier (such as the business in the call interface made a judgment, when the conditions do not meet the link is not displayed, this time from the interface can not test whether the relevant functions Judgment, MINI Interface through the interface is relatively easy)

Interface management is a very important prerequisite for interface testing, if a system which are not very clear interface, the test is difficult to cover, MINI Interface the interface management recommended the following ways:

A, according to the interface for the first time for the unit, according to the interface of the user to divide the second, and then by business module segmentation, MINI Interface classification principles based on the number of content to optimize, do not need fixed, such as the interface itself is less necessary Too fine, MINI Interface more often need to divide the module

B, as the interface link URL as a unique, MINI Interface different interface parameters as an interface variable, the interface changes in the original interface on the maintenance, rather than the new interface

C, for the interface to increase the version number, MINI Interface to facilitate the clear which interface has changed this time, easy to maintain use cases

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