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MINI Interface Units To Measure

INI Interface The response time is the amount of time it takes to start a request from the application system to the client until the last byte of data is received. MINI Interface Response time according to the characteristics of software can be subdivided, such as for a C/S software response time can be subdivided into network transmission time, Application server processing time, database server processing time. In addition, the client itself has the analytic time, the interface rendering time and so on.

The throughput rate refers to the number of requests the system processes in the unit time, from the business point of view, the throughput can be measured by the number of requests per second, MINI Interface the number of transactions per second, the number of pages per second, and the number of queries per second. From the network point of view, throughput can also be measured in bytes per second.

Throughput is a performance metric that is primarily based on the service-side perspective, which can measure the processing power of the entire system. For the cluster or cloud platform, MINI Interface the throughput index reflects the pressure that the server cluster can withstand externally, which is easier to compare than the number of users.

Note: throughput = throughput Rate * unit time

For the server cluster or cloud platform, almost all multi-user system, the system can provide to how many users normal use, is also a very important metric. MINI Interface We differentiate these users according to the timing of the use of the system.

System users: Refers to the amount of users the system can store.

Online users: Refers to the number of users who are in a normal state of use after they have been authenticated.

Concurrent users (Concurrent users): Refers to the number of users who are using the system at a given time range.

Strict concurrent User count (Strictly the number of Concurrent users): Refers to how many people operate a business at the same time.

In the performance testing process, MINI Interface we have to simulate the actual user to send the request. However, in order to spit out the server to create greater pressure, MINI Interface we simulate the user operation and actual user operation there is a certain difference (such as simulated user requests more frequently than the actual user requests), and the number of users returning to the simulation and the actual number of users can not be converted. Therefore, when measuring server cluster capability, MINI Interface the throughput index is more practical than the user number index.

(1) If the Java class interface and the single machine concurrency number control within 500, you can choose JMeter or Loadrunner.

(2) If the Web class interface and the single machine concurrency number control within 500, you can choose Soapui or Loadrunner.

(3) If the number of single machine concurrency exceeds 500 and is controlled within 5000, then the Loadrunner can be selected.

(4) If the number of single machine concurrency exceeds 5000, it is recommended that the load cluster be adopted, that is, the Medium control Center + Multi-Machine deployment (load generator) scheme.

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