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PEUGEOT Interface Historical Period

The advent of the 21st century, is the rise of the intelligent revolution, PEUGEOT interface marking the great turning point of human civilization. "The history of human civilization can not be divided into several" tides ", but should be divided into two kinds of revolutions: First, PEUGEOT interface the energy revolution, to achieve energy conversion and use, to create a history of civilization, which is from the friction to the steam engine, From the use of electricity to the use of nuclear energy until the beginning of the industrial society to create the advanced stage of the historical period.Two is the intelligent revolution, to achieve intelligent conversion and use of the history of human civilization, a great turning point, to create a history of civilization, PEUGEOT interface The creation of a wide range of functions, lead to intelligent "nuclear explosion", the human intelligence and the potential of the machine outbreak, leading to social intelligence, to create a functional society for the historical period, the future of all industries will be "intelligent revolution "Inseparable

All along, the blue landscape from the beginning of the layout of the smart logo, we believe that the smart logo will eventually bring a revolutionary change in the traditional logo. Engaged in the LED logo industry, PEUGEOT interface everyone should have such a sense, because all things Internet and intelligence is the direction and trend of human development, then the identification industry and the lighting industry are bound to take this road. This trend and direction, is not to personal will for the transfer of intelligence and AI (artificial intelligence), PEUGEOT interface will become the future development of LED logo important direction.

The planning of intelligent logos and the development of intelligent signs for the future, including the thinking of intelligent lighting, are unreserved and dedicated to our peers and our customer base, and we hope to pass this judgment to all of our end users. Blue King believe that only one rich and mature industrial chain in order to spawn an industrial development, in order to make China logo industry is full of vitality and vitality. PEUGEOT interface Although we are the leader in this intelligent identity industry, we hope to see the prosperity and development of the whole industry.

Intelligent / AI logo development will be very rapid, if you have to judge the time to its process, I would like to be in China, should be about 2 years time, that is, PEUGEOT interface before 2020, smart signs will become mainstream. In foreign countries, according to our experience, PEUGEOT interface they have just been in contact with the smart logo, and there is no big business in the development of such products and try, so about 4 years to take time to mature.

Then hinder the large-scale use of intelligent signs or market outbreak of the containment point where? 1, PEUGEOT interface the cost of the product itself - intelligent identification of the scientific and technological decisions of the product cost is not low, the resulting price of the inevitable loss of part of the small business market. 2, the market acceptance of the problem - the emergence of a new product will face the market question and test, which is a product or industrial form of the formation of the basic laws and development curve. 3, PEUGEOT interface product development and education issues - as a smart logo developers, how do we do a good job on the one hand, deep mining customer needs, to solve customer pain points, PEUGEOT interface on the other hand how to effectively help customers achieve real intelligence, good market education.

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