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PEUGEOT Interface Methods And Properties

Identifying an PEUGEOT interface interface is an interface without any methods and properties. The identity interface does not have any semantic requirements for the class that implements it, and it simply indicates that the class that implements it belongs to a specific type.

Standard interfaces have some well-known applications in the Java language, such as interfaces such as and Java.rmi.Remote. PEUGEOT interface Identifies an interface, and when a class implements an identity interface, it is like a label for itself.

It is not appropriate to make a metaphor. It's like a person wearing a designer dress (the logo interface), the other person to see the clothes he wears (identify the interface) to know his taste, identity (characteristics).

Video connection specification is developed by the Japanese a specification, s refers to "Separate (separation)", it separates the brightness and PEUGEOT interface chroma output, avoids the mixed video signal output when the brightness and chroma of mutual interference. The S interface is actually a five-core interface, consisting of five core lines of two-way luminance signal, two-way video chroma signal and a common shielding ground.

Compared with AV interface, because it no longer carries on the C mixed transmission, therefore does not need to carry on the bright color separation and the decoding work again, moreover uses each independent transmission channel to largely avoid the video device the signal crosstalk PEUGEOT interface to produce the image distortion, greatly enhances the image sharpness. But video still want to mix the two-way color difference signal (CR CB) into the color signal C, PEUGEOT interface the transmission is then decoded in the display device to the CB and CR for processing, which will still produce a certain signal loss and distortion (this distortion is small but still found in the strict broadcast-level video device). And because CR CB Mix causes chroma signal bandwidth also PEUGEOT interface have certain limits, so video although already quite outstanding, but is far from perfect. Video is not the best, but it is one of the most widely used video interfaces, given the current market conditions and other factors such as comprehensive costs.

Color difference interface is on the basis of the S interface, the chroma (c) signal in the blue difference (b), Red difference (R) sent separately, the resolution can reach more than 600 lines. It usually uses the YPBPR and YCBCR two kinds of identification, PEUGEOT interface the former means the line-by-row scan chromatic aberration output, the latter means the interlaced scan chromatic aberration output. Now many TV products are based on chromatic aberration input to improve the quality of the input signal, and through the color difference interface, you can enter a variety of levels of signal, from the most basic 480i to double frequency scanning 480p, even 720p, 1080i and so on, are to pass the color difference input can be transmitted to the TV。

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