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PEUGEOT Interface Methods And Properties

Identifying an interface is an interface without any methods and properties. The identity interface does not have any semantic requirements for the class that implements it, PEUGEOT interface and it simply indicates that the class that implements it belongs to a specific type.

The identification interface has some well-known applications in the Java language, such as java. io. Serializable and Java. rmi. Remote interface is the identification interface. PEUGEOT interface Identifies an interface, and when a class implements an identity interface, it is like a label for itself. It is not appropriate to make a metaphor. PEUGEOT interface It's like a person wearing a designer dress (the logo interface), PEUGEOT interface the other person to see the clothes he wears (identify the interface) to know his taste, identity (characteristics).

The interface with the illuminated logo is provided with a light-emitting element that causes its light to pass through the jack on the interface. PEUGEOT interface The patented technology of the utility model adopts a scheme of setting up luminous elements on the interface, which can accurately identify the location and function of the interface in the case of insufficient light, so that the user can conveniently and accurately insert the peripheral equipment into the corresponding interface.

First, the interface is closely related to the concept of a boundary. PEUGEOT interface Between the system and the system, between the module and the module, the client and the service side are bounded. In each system, PEUGEOT interface the module, the end of the internal can and should be a self-contained system, PEUGEOT interface this self-contained system and other systems should have a clear partition, is the "boundary."

Secondly, the interface is the agreement between the system on this boundary. PEUGEOT interface These internal systems, through the interface with each other to cooperate with each other to form a larger system. Each self-contained system, according to its own definition of function, characteristics and so on, and other systems how to collaborate is basically fixed. A system only need to expose the cooperation agreement, PEUGEOT interface other systems in accordance with the agreement to operate, you can achieve their own purposes, PEUGEOT interface without caring about the collaboration object inside is how to do. This is the function of an interface.

Again, the interface to complete the system with the collaboration/communication between the system, PEUGEOT interface the need for the media. such as modules and modules can be a simple function call, or RPC may be, the network of clients and services on the network protocol and so on.

For example, the object-oriented class, is also a system, PEUGEOT interface the class of public exposure to external methods can be considered an interface, the functions of the class can be with other classes clearly distinguish its boundaries. Multi-class collaboration can form a module, PEUGEOT interface the module has its own boundaries, multiple modules collaborate with each other can form a larger module or subsystem, PEUGEOT interface there are boundaries between subsystems, the system can collaborate to form a larger system, the system still has boundaries. When the boundaries between the system and the system are not clear, PEUGEOT interface the larger system will be mess and the maintenance will be difficult.

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