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PEUGEOT Interface Specific Type

PEUGEOT interface Identifying interfaces is an interface that does not have any methods and properties. The identity interface does not have any semantic requirements for the class that implements it, PEUGEOT interface and it simply indicates that the class that implements it belongs to a particular type.

Identify interfaces in the Java language there are some very famous applications, such as and java.rmi.Remote interface is identified interface. PEUGEOT interface Identify the interface, when a class to achieve an identity after the interface is like a label to their own. Make a metaphor, not very appropriate. Like a person wearing a brand name clothes (to achieve the logo interface), PEUGEOT interface others look at his clothes (logo interface) to know his taste, identity (characteristics).

USB-IF organization plans for the USB Type-C interface to develop a series of Logo, these Logo will be marked in the corresponding interface, PEUGEOT interface so that users can clearly know the corresponding USB Type-C interface, what specific purpose. USB-IF settings, only marked with a standard USB interface Logo USB Type-C interface only supports USB 2.0 standard; with "SS" or "SuperSpeed" and other logo support USB 3.0 or the first generation USB 3.1 standard , PEUGEOT interface The interface rate of 5Gbps; and have "SuperSpeed +", "10", "10Gbps" and other logo USB Type-C interface supports second-generation USB 3.1 standard, the interface rate of 10Gbps.

If the interface logo uses a battery pattern as the background, PEUGEOT interface then the corresponding USB Type-C interface will support USB Power Delivery power supply technology. In conjunction with the above on the interface standard icon used, we can correspond to the USB Type-C interface has what characteristics, such as a battery with a pattern, PEUGEOT interface with "SS" and "10" logo Logo, PEUGEOT interface it shows its corresponding USB Type-C interface will support USB Power Delivery power supply technology, the theoretical rate of up to 10Gbps, PEUGEOT interface belonging to the second generation USB 3.1 interface.

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