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PEUGEOT Interface Various Communications

(1) UART parameter settings: first set the length of the communication protocol, PEUGEOT interface and then set the baud rate, hardware control flow parameters. Calibration parameters, data bits and stop bits;

(2) work mode settings: the Bluetooth module can be set to the main mode or slave mode;

(3) set the Bluetooth module name: the name of the Bluetooth module is one of the identification of the communication. You can change the Bluetooth module name by setting the Bluetooth module name protocol;

(4) set the security mode: Bluetooth communication data security is mainly a Bluetooth and module communication system using a baud rate of 9 600 bps. Transmission distance up to 10 In, PEUGEOT interface due to the use of Bluetooth as a transmission. Has a strong anti-interference ability.

Bluetooth is an open standard for wireless data and voice transmission. It will be a variety of communications equipment, computers and their terminal equipment, a variety of digital systems, and even household appliances, using wireless connection. In order to optimize the system design, PEUGEOT interface we use cost-effective CSR BC2 Bluetooth wireless serial port. CSRBC2 is a highly integrated module-level Bluetooth chip, including: baseband controller, 2.4 ~ 2.5GHz digital intelligent radio and program data memory. PEUGEOT interface Through this module, the system can provide a wireless standard UART interface that supports multiple baud rates (eg 9.6 kbps, 19.2 kbps, 38.4 kbps, 57.6 kbps, 115.2 1 kbps, 230.4 kbps, 460.8 kbps, 92 l.6 kbps).

Now, HDMI basic TV has become a necessary interface, cable set-top boxes, network set-top boxes, PEUGEOT interface computers, audio and other equipment can be established through the HDMI cable and TV connection, so for the TV to HDMI interface is particularly important. At present, most of the TV will be equipped with 2-3 HDMI interface, are in order to achieve the maximum function.

USB everyone is very familiar with, PEUGEOT interface both can be used to connect storage devices, you can also an external camera, game controller and other equipment, very useful. And HDMI, USB also has a different version, common is USB2.0 and USB3.0, they are easy to distinguish, USB2.0 middle of the plastic plate is white or black, PEUGEOT interface and USB3.0 middle of the plastic plate is blue.

AV input interface in the early old TV can be seen on the AV line by the red, white, yellow three colors of the line, which is the yellow line is the video transmission line, PEUGEOT interface red and white is responsible for the left and right channel sound transmission. PEUGEOT interface As the AV input mode will cause the loss of color signals, PEUGEOT interface chrominance signals and brightness signals will interfere with each other, affecting the quality of the final output image, so in recent years has been gradually eliminated.

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